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Spring has Sprung!

Updated: May 21, 2019

Happy first day of Spring. The winter has seemed never ending in Connecticut, and even though spring is officially doesn't feel like it. So, I'm bringing it on myself!

Staging a Sideboard

I wanted to do something with this sideboard to signify spring is coming. I thought what better flower than tulips. The beautiful pinks of the tulips complimented the colors I used to paint this classic piece of furniture. They brought some desperately needed "spring" to our long cold winter. I set up my camera timer and dished out heaping bowls of "spring".

My Gear

I use a Sony ilce 6000 camera. Its perfect for me because I am not a professional photographer and yet this camera still takes amazing clear photos. Hi-res photos, and easy to use default settings.

I have a simple light set I ordered from amazon. Comes with a nice bag to carry your equipment in. You can find it here

#springlife #paintedsideboard #chalkpaintedfurniture #tulips


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