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A Creative Collaboration by Two Olivia's!

Updated: May 21, 2019

If you have been to any of my social media pages lately you may have noticed I have been referring to Olivia Beaumont. Olivia Beaumont is a totally different artist than myself, I'm Olivia Lacy. Let me tell you why I keep talking about her!

I came across Olivia Beaumont's work during a crazy Pinterest search. I searched for birds with hats (yes, I know, why would I need to search for that...thats a different story) and up popped "Maid Mirabell" a darling little bird dressed in her finery! I thought "who is this talented artist, painting my heart's desire?!" So I searched for more of her work, and to my delight...she has a lot of it! I was instantly head over heels for everything she paints.

Let me stop right there, and give you a quick background. As long as I can remember I have been fascinated with anthropomorphic animals. Favorites when I was small were "Wind in the Willows", "The Secret of Nimh", "Robin Hood" and Beatrix Potter books. My husband has always chuckled about this fascination. So when I started obsessively talking about Olivia's paintings and showing my husband all the possibilities of which prints I wanted to purchase, he said "It must be something about the name"...maybe! Once you take a look at her paintings you will see why they hit home with me!

I contacted Olivia to purchase prints, and discovered she also admired my painted furniture (blushing!!) We decided to collaborate and bring a collection of whimsical furniture in rich colors pulled straight from a selection of her paintings. This has been an exciting experience for both of us, and we hope you enjoy our work too!

Olivia Beaumont has been painting professionally since 2010 and is a published author, her book is

Tales from the Beautiful Mountain

Please visit Olivia Beaumont for more of her stunning paintings and prints

Find more of my work at Pigeon and Pip

Below are the pieces available for purchase.


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