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Furniture Care


Your furniture has been sealed with wax or a water-based poly.  These are water resistant finishes, not waterproof.  Any spills should be cleaned up immediately with a clean cloth or paper towel.


To clean your piece, first remove dust with a soft clean cloth or duster, use a damp cloth to gently wipe it down.  If needed a mild soap is okay.  Avoid all cleaning products that contain alcohol, this will dissolve the wax finish.


Never use furniture polishes that contain dimethicone, a silicone that may cause cracks to appear in the paint.


Use coasters, trivets, placemats or other buffers when placing food or drinks on your furniture.


Place or pick up items rather than drag or pull items across the surface to avoid scratches or blemishes in the finish.


Never place furniture in direct sun or near a heat source.  This may cause the paint to fade or crack.


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