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"The details are not the details.
They make the design"

- Charles Eames - 

Little Bird

I want to share my passion of vintage and whimsy with you.

Inspiration for my work comes from my childhood and was renewed through the eyes of my own children.   I grew up with lots of animals...pets, farm animals and all the curious wild creatures .  I spent my summer days playing in the woods and the brooks with my sister.  Always creating a "secret" world where magical things would happen.   Seeing this happen through my children made me remember just how special that time is, and I try to capture that in my art and furniture.


Colors of nature fuel my furniture, often with a story in mind.  Growing up and living in New England I'm often drawn to grays, and warm neutrals.  I like to add an unexpected pop of color, just to make sure it doesn't get too serious! 

Creating a home is supposed to be fun.  I have learned that it takes time, but if you surround yourself with things you love your home will always be an expression of you.  I hope you will invite my  painted furnishings into your home.  Nothing makes me happier than to put a smile on someone's face with something I have created. 



Pigeon and pip

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