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How to Create an Ombre Look Using Chalk Paint

Have you seen the beautiful furniture that fades from one color into a different color? It’s very trendy and lends a boho vibe to any decor.  The technique is called ombre, and it’s actually a pretty easy look to achieve. You will need just a couple of tools to create your very own boho furniture for your decor.

Tools you will need:

A minimum of 2 different Chalk Paint colors

3 paint brushes

Spray bottle with Water

Wax, and a wax brush or lint free rag

Let’s talk about Chalk Paint for a moment.  I’m a big fan of Chalk Paint decorative paints by Annie Sloan.  They are highly pigmented, extremely easy to work with, and the color selection is gorgeous and easy to mix and match.  If this is your first time trying out the ombre look, do yourself a favor and pick two colors close in color value.  By this, I mean don’t choose a very dark and a very light color to mix.  While it can be done, it’s easier to mix colors in a closer value range.

Make sure you have prepped you furniture and have a clean surface to start with.  You can begin either top or bottom with whichever color you choose.  Start painting up towards the middle of the piece, but not all the way, you need to leave room for blending.  Then change your colors, grab a clean brush and repeat the same steps starting at the opposite end.  Once you have painted both colors close to the middle you can start your blending.  You may have to add more color as you go.  If you feel like you are having a hard time moving the colors together you can add a spritz of water to the paint.  This is where you can grab your clean (3rd) brush and really work those colors together.  This process shouldn’t take long, so be sure you don’t over work the paint.

Once you are happy with your look, allow the paint to dry completely, which shouldn’t take more than an hour or two.  When fully dry, apply two coats of clear wax to the entire piece, allowing each coat to dry between.

That’s all there is to it!  Couldn’t be easier, and the end result is a unique high end looking piece of furniture.

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