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How to Create an Ombre Look Using Chalk Paint Decorative Paints by Annie Sloan. Have you seen the beautiful furniture that fades from one color into a different color? It's very trendy and lends a boho vibe to any decor. The technique is called ombre, and it's actually a pretty easy look to achieve. You will need just a couple of tools to create your very own boho furniture for your decor. Tools you will need: A minimum of 2 different Chalk Paint colors 3 paint brushes Spray bottle with Water Wax, and a wax brush or lint free rag Let's talk about Chalk Paint for a moment. I’m a big fan of Chalk Paint decorative paints by Annie Sloan. They are highly pigmented, extremely easy to work with, and the color selection is gorgeous and easy to mix and match. If this is your first time trying out the ombre look, do yourself a favor and pick two colors close in color value. By this, I mean don't choose a very dark and a very light color to mix. While it can be done, it's easier to mix col

I painted this sideboard a couple of years ago and it was snatched as soon as I listed it for sale. Every year at this time I look back on it because I staged it for the coming of spring. Although, in Connecticut it seems that spring is really having a hard time taking off this year, I know that gorgeous weather is coming. Staging a Sideboard I wanted to do something with this sideboard to signify spring is coming. I thought what better flower than tulips. The beautiful pinks of the tulips complimented the colors I used to paint this classic piece of furniture. They brought some desperately needed "spring" to our long cold winter. I set up my camera timer and dished out heaping bowls of "spring". My Gear I use a Sony ilce 6000 camera. It's perfect for me because I am not a professional photographer and yet this camera still takes amazing clear photos. Hi-res photos, and easy to use default settings.

Every year I look forward to May, the weather begins to warm up and the ground begins to stir as the sleeping plants begin to wake. I have so many memories as a young girl gardening with my Mother. For as long as I can remember, my Mother has loved plants and taken great pride in growing them. It didn't matter if they were flowering or vegetables, she loves them all. My parents always planted a very large vegetable garden, where many life lessons were learned as a child. I was always fascinated by the way the vegetable garden was a world within itself. Growing and busying itself underground, and working hard above soil flowering and sprouting buds of tiny fruits and veggies. Always in a constant war against invaders such as insects, rodents, disease. The garden taught us about hard work and its payoffs and sometimes even when you work hard you don't always get what you deserve. That's pretty deep stuff coming from a vegetable garden! Needless to say the gardens were a childhood s